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Historic Building Preservation Project

On April 23, 1866, Antioch Baptist Church was established by 73 newly freed slaves who were emancipated after the American Civil War, according to the church's history. They were granted permission to leave their former masters’ church, First Baptist Church, to create a place for the Black community to worship. It opened under the name First Colored Baptist Church before the name changed to Antioch Baptist Church in 1871. The church’s first buildings were destroyed, but several years later land was purchased on Texas Avenue. In 1901, Shreveport architect N.S. Allen designed the structure that still stands today. The building, the members, and the neighborhood has changed over time and Carroll intends for the church to evolve so it remains for many more years to come. Antioch Baptist Church, located at 1057 Texas Ave. in Shreveport, was listed on the National Registry for Historic Places in 1982. It remains a tourist destination for guests interested in learning about the church’s history and seeing the Romanesque Revival architectural design.

Interior Choir stand and pulpit.jpeg
Anitoch Church Building_edited.jpg
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