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Community Programs

Our goal is to empower the surrounding communities of Shreveport, Louisiana with programs and projects that deliver resources to revitalize the family unit and promote the importance of spirituality.



Youth Empowerment Programs

Youth empowerment is essential to the growth of our communities. We offer tutoring in the areas of core academia, arts, and technology education. We also partner with local organizations to deliver these programs to members and nonmembers.


Resources for Parents

We offer parenting classes for new and current parents. We have found that parenting never ends. It merely transitions to another stage of development for the child and the parent. Our workshops offer resources to help rebuild and reconnect families in our communities.



Senior Citizen Technology Workshops

Every 6 months technology advances to offer more access to consumer resources. Our technology workshop will enlighten participants on how to use their cellular devices, laptops, and desktops to advance their communications with family, friends, and organizations that empower families.


Veterans Support

We provide resources and activities for veterans of all military backgrounds to participate in the revitalization of our local community. 

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Physical Fitness Events

Let's get fit! Our fitness program will inspire you to adopt fitness as a lifestyle to elongate your lifespan. We have fitness coaches who lead trainings for all levels of fitness; from basic, to experienced, to advanced trainings. 


Community Revitalization and Gardens

We have connected with several community advocates to offer community garden projects in targeted communities in Shreveport.



Business Resources Workshops

We have connected with business consultants to offer resources to business owners in targeted communities in Shreveport.

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